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Get your Oil Change in Frisco from a Professional and Avoid Costly Mistakes

Money can get tight and you want to save a buck whenever you can. That’s understandable and makes good financial sense. But you don’t want to be penny wise and pound foolish: like getting your oil change in Frisco from an amateur. When your oil is changed by someone inexperienced, they can cause problems that […]


Avoid Unexpected Car Trouble with Our Frisco Auto Repair

You already know who to call when you need Frisco auto repair: with our skilled mechanics and excellent service, LD Automotive is simply the best Frisco auto repair shop around. But do you know what to do if your car breaks down or has problems while you’re on the road? To keep yourself and your […]


How to Identify Auto Leaks From The Best Auto Mechanic in Frisco TX

In our last two posts, we discussed how to identify the leaks or drips under your car through color, consistency and smell. Today we’ll talk about the different problems that can arise from each of the types of leaks that you learned about last time. Red-colored Dextron Type Automatic Transmission Fluid: As we discussed last […]