Frisco Auto Repair Tips: The Importance of a Vehicle Check

vehicle check LD automotive repairIn our last post, we discussed the importance of getting a vehicle check whenever you notice any drips or leaks under your car. As we explained, drips and leaks under the car can be symptoms of serious underlying problems like a significant loss of radiator fluid or brake fluid. Getting drips checked out can save you thousands of dollars by preventing costly repairs. Because a car leak or drip could be any number of things, today we’re going to discuss the different colors, textures and smells of fluid leaks. In our next post, we’ll discuss the problems that can be caused by each of the leak types listed below.

If the drip or leak is red, your car may be leaking Dextron type automatic transmission fluid. Its red color is also accompanied by a very distinct, sharp odor. After a quick vehicle check, leaking transmission fluid is often easily fixed by tightening the pan or drain plugs.
If the drip or leak is yellowish in color, your car may be leaking power steering fluid, which is slightly thick in consistency and has little odor. Squealing sounds from the power steering pump can be another sign that your car is low on power steering fluid.
Yellowish fluid could also be…brake fluid. Because brake fluid and power steering fluid are incredibly similar in every way, a yellowish drip could indicate a brake fluid leak.
If the drip or leak is blue, green or orange, your car may be leaking windshield wiper fluid, which has a sweet smell and has a water-like consistency.
If the drip or leak is greenish or pinkish, your car may be leaking coolant, which has a sweet smell and is relatively thick in consistency.
If the drip or leak is dark brown and smells like gas, your car may be leaking oil. Bringing your car in for regular vehicle checks and oil changes can help prevent or quickly fix oil leaks.

Don’t miss our next post, when we will discuss the problems that can arise from each of the drips or leaks described above. You may be surprised to find that these car leaks are harmful to more than just your car!

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