Get your Oil Change in Frisco from a Professional and Avoid Costly Mistakes

Get your Oil Change in Frisco from a Professional and Avoid Costly MistakesMoney can get tight and you want to save a buck whenever you can. That’s understandable and makes good financial sense. But you don’t want to be penny wise and pound foolish: like getting your oil change in Frisco from an amateur. When your oil is changed by someone inexperienced, they can cause problems that cost you much more money than you would’ve spent on an oil change in Frisco from a knowledgeable mechanic.

Last year, one woman was the victim of some costly amateur oil change mistakes that eventually cost her almost $3,000. Liz got an oil change from the automotive department of a supermarket chain. When her vehicle was ready, Liz recalls, “Immediately upon turning on my car and putting it in gear, I noticed a faint thumping noise. I drove 50 yards on my way to exit the store before I turned the vehicle around, because the thumping noise was getting louder and at that point the oil indicator light had come on.”

Liz told the supermarket mechanic about the sudden issues with her car. He checked her dipstick twice, made sure that there was no oil leak, and told Liz that there was no oil in the car. He put oil in her car, but later admitted that during the original oil change, he had accidentally put the oil in her transmission.

Frustrated with the mechanic’s incompetence, Liz had her car towed to a nearby Ford dealership, where she was told that her engine was “worst case scenario,’ as it had been run without any oil in it and that there were metal flakes in the engine,” Liz said that the new mechanic told her that he “does not know what damage is done to the transmission and will not know until there is a working engine in the vehicle.” It was estimated that her repairs would cost $2,935.02.

Unfortunately, Liz isn’t the only person who’s had to pay a lot of money due to incompetence or rookie mistakes during an amateur oil change. To protect yourself from unnecessary expenses, get your oil change in Frisco from L.D. Automotive. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with quick, inexpensive and quality results for any repair or oil change in Frisco. Check your owner’s manual for recommended oil change frequency, and follow that schedule for the best results in your particular car. In our next post, we’ll learn more the issues with oil in your car: the oil light, leaking oil, etc.

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