The Ins and Outs of Choosing an Auto Mechanic

Choosing an auto mechanic is not as easy as some may think. Sure, when your car has problems you may get away with taking it to the closest shop on the corner. However, just taking it to the first place you pass by comes with risks. You may be able to save money, time and hassle by doing a little research first.

In Case of an Emergency, If your car troubles are an absolute emergency then yes, take it to the first shop you come across with an open time slot. But if you have a day or even a few hours to spare, take advantage of the time and do some research. If the repairs are an emergency, or they are something simple any old mechanic can take care of, like a flat tire or an alignment issue, taking it to the first shop you find is okay. But any major repairs should be taken to a mechanic of your choosing.

Be Picky About Your Mechanic
What if you have never taken a car to the mechanic before? What if you are done shopping for a car and are now shopping around for an auto body shop to take it to for repairs? Fear not! Choosing one is simpler than you may think, even if you are picky. Here are a few pointers when choosing an auto mechanic for your car.

What Type of Car Do You Have?
Many mechanics work on vehicles of all makes and models. Others specialize in certain car brands. If you have a foreign vehicle like a Volkswagen or a BMW, for example, you may want to find an automotive shop that specializes in foreign vehicles.

Why does it matter if you choose a mechanic who works on your make of vehicle? If you drive a foreign (non-American made) vehicle, the shop may not have parts for your car in stock. Most auto body shops can order parts for foreign makes and models, but it takes more time. If you want your foreign car fixed up quicker, find an automotive shop that specializes in foreign car repair.

Choosing a Mechanic
First things first: ask friends and coworkers if they have a mechanic they love. Then read online customer reviews. The fantastic thing about online reviews is customers can either rave about a company they love, or they can tear it apart. You’ll see both types of reviews when you start researching body shops. Obviously, find a company that customers love.

What is Important?
Finding a mechanic who is ASE certified is vital. Make sure you find someone with experience who you can trust with your vehicle in your absence.