Know The Tell Tale Signs of Brake Trouble, From Your Brake Shop in Frisco TX

brake shop frisco tx | L D Automotive RepairLife is busy, and it’s easy to put off car maintenance. And with some things, that’s OK—your A/C, sound system, body dents or scratches– these things can wait to be fixed. But when it comes to your brakes, you can’t afford to postpone regular maintenance. Brakes are crucial; your car is an extremely heavy machine going at high speeds, and brakes are the only thing stopping you from driving that hunk of metal right into another car.
If you don’t take your car in for regular service at a good brake shop in Frisco, TX, you jeopardize the safety of yourself, your passengers and other drivers.

Along with regular scheduled maintenance, it’s helpful to know when your brakes are having unexpected problems. The tips below will help you recognize the signs that your brakes need extra attention at our brake shop in Frisco, TX.

SQUEALS. If you hear a high-pitched squealing noise every time you brake, that’s an intentional red flag, added by the brake manufacturer during design. When your brake pads get too thin (about a quarter inch thick or less), an installed indicator makes that squealing noise, and it’s telling you “Get your brake pads changed ASAP at a brake shop in Frisco TX!”

GRINDING NOISE. If you hear a grinding noise each time you brake, that could be the sound of your rotor being ground by exposed metal on the brake pad base–definitely not good!

SHAKING. If the steering wheel shakes or vibrates every time you brake, that could mean the alignment between the pad and rotor is off, or that your rotor is going bad.

PEDAL TO THE METAL–literally. If braking takes your foot all the way to the floor, your brakes need immediate attention at our brake shop in Frisco, TX.

SMELL. If you notice a bad, metallic smell while braking, it’s time to get those brakes checked out.

PULL. If you feel the brakes pulling the car to either side, then come to our brake shop in Frisco, TX where we can diagnose what the problem is, like a misaligned caliper or collapsed brake hose.

You and your family members drive many miles each day, so keep safe by bringing your car to our brake shop in Frisco, TX for regular maintenance. At L.D. Automotive we will keep your brakes in excellent condition, to help ensure the safety of your family as you drive through life’s busy moments. Stop by or call us today.

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