Regular Oil Changes Can Save Your Engine!

With your busy lifestyle, it can be so easy to put off getting an oil change; it seems like such a small, unimportant thing. But did you know that remembering to get your oil changed is one of the best ways to take great care of your engine? That’s right; even though you may not always think about it, your car’s oil and the engine are very closely connected, and having clean oil in your car is crucial to your engine’s well-being.

As a young man, one car owner learned firsthand the importance of regular oil changes. His parents gave him a beautiful car, but his uncle told him that people change their oil too much, and that he shouldn’t change his new car’s oil until he could feel grit in the oil when he pulled out the oil dipstick. Following his uncle’s advice, the car owner drove about 15,000 miles without an oil change, even bragging to his friends about how long he could go without needing an oil change. Unfortunately, he was unaware of two very important things: oil’s ability to lubricate the engine degrades over time, and gasoline can leak into the oil and thin it down over time, giving a false impression that there’s plenty of oil. After a while, his engine seized up. Because he had followed some misguided advice, he no longer had a car because he couldn’t afford to buy a new engine.

An engine replacement is extremely expensive and should be avoided at all costs. You definitely want to save your hard-earned money, and by investing a little money in an oil change, you save money in the long run and do worlds of good for your engine: you’ll prolong the life of your engine, help keep it from wearing, keep it running more efficiently, and help prevent car breakdowns. So even if it looks like your car has enough oil, don’t get out of the habit of getting regular oil changes. To set the best schedule for an oil change, follow the one recommended by the vehicle manufacturer in your owners’ manual.

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