Saving Money at Auto Repair Shops

There are some projects that the everyday do-it-yourselfer can complete. Everything from planting grass seed to painting drywall can be done with a few simple steps. However, car repairs are not DIY projects for the most part, and they are not fixes you should be making on your own, especially if you don’t know much about cars. Even the best video tutorial does not provide good enough instructions for making car repairs, and those who have tried and failed at DIY auto repairs agree it’s a bad idea.

You can actually save money when you pay a professional to do the job. The price is drastically less than self-repair jobs, particularly DIY projects gone wrong. A car’s engine is a complicated system, and any small mistake can cause major (and expensive) damage. Often, people who try to perform repairs on their own end up making larger and more expensive problems.

Before you take your car in, do a little research. With the internet and word of mouth, you should be able to find a reliable and trustworthy shop pretty quick. If a neighbor has an old mechanic he’s been taking his car to for years, he will be eager to give you a recommendation. Along the same lines, online reviews can be pretty telling. Most people who have an excellent experience or a horrible one are eager to write about it in online reviews. Obviously, reviews aren’t everything, though; one person may have a great experience and another person may have a bad one two days later. Trust your instincts and the general reviews.

What type of repair does your vehicle need?

If the damage is so extensive that the car is not driveable, prompt service is obviously important. Call around to a few of your favorite auto repair shops and find one that can get you in as soon as possible.

Most auto repair shops offer similar services, including these:

  • Transmission repair

  • Brake checks and replacements

  • Full engine repair

  • Fluid top offs

  • Radiator repair

  • Air conditioner and heater repair

  • Oil changes

  • Windshield and glass repair

  • Diagnostic testing

  • Regular maintenance

Specialty Cars

Most automotive shops service all makes and models. However, if you are picky about your foreign car, you may want to take your BMW or Volkswagen to a foreign car specialty shop. Shops that work specifically with foreign cars will have more parts in stock than those that don’t – so if you’re in a hurry, you might want to take your vehicle there.

However, even if a repair shop doesn’t have the parts in stock, it usually only takes a few days to get them ordered and shipped in.

No matter what services your car needs, it can be taken care of with the proper mechanic and repair shop.