Those Small Drips Can Mean Big Trouble, You Need an Auto Repair Shop You Can Trust!

You might think that little drip under your car is no big deal, and you could be right. In some Those Small Drips Can Mean Big Trouble, You Need an Auto Repair Shop You Can Trust!cars, a leak means nothing. In other cars, a leak may be indicative of an underlying problem. So how do you know when a leak is serious? Unfortunately, a look under the hood or underneath the car will not give you a reliable answer. Because of this, it’s very important to notice drips under your car and bring it to an auto repair shop to be checked as soon as possible. One Toyota owner named Brian recently experienced this firsthand. During a road trip with his family, Brian noticed a little drip under his car. After wisely deciding taking the car to the nearest auto repair shop, he was told that there was a hole in his radiator and almost no radiator fluid was left. Without radiator fluid, taking a road trip could’ve burned up Brian’s engine. That one trip to an auto repair shop saved him from thousands of dollars in repairs and possibly being stranded during a road trip. Brian’s story is just one example of the importance of getting even small drips checked out at an auto repair shop.

Those innocent-looking drips can be symptoms of multiple problems, like brake trouble. Brake fluid is crucial to a car’s brake system. If your car is leaking brake fluid, your brakes will no longer function properly and eventually will stop working altogether. When ignored, that brake fluid leak (a simple fix for an auto repair shop) could cause serious safety hazards. Nobody wants to have their brakes stop working in an emergency, so brake fluid leaks are yet another reason to bring your leaking or dripping car to an auto repair shop, where quick and simple fixes can prevent future costly repairs and possibly even save lives.

When a car has leaks or drips, it could leaking a number of things like transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, oil, or just some windshield washer fluid. Have you ever wondered how to tell what exactly is dripping from your car? In our next post, we’ll discuss the different colors, textures and smell of leaking fluids and what they mean.

At LD Automotive we offer full service and maintenance, and you’ll always receive honest, quality work at an affordable price. So next time you notice a drip under your car or need any other types of car repair, stop by our auto repair shop or give us a call at 469-579-5903.

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