Where to Turn When You Need Transmission Repair

We all love having our own vehicles to take us wherever we want to go. Freedom and the open road are parts of the American Dream. However, because we depend on our cars so much, it can be devastating when they stop working. If a vehicle has transmission troubles, we suddenly can’t get to work or school. Our lives stand in suspension until a mechanic fixes the problem.

Knowing who to turn to when you need your transmission repaired  is important. Transmission problems are common and symptoms of total transmission failure don’t usually show themselves early. There are few warning signs when a transmission is having trouble, so most of the time when a car has transmission issues, it is serious. And it needs to be taken care of quickly.

A transmission’s function is to facilitate energy between the engine and tires. When your car changes gears, that happens in the transmission. And while every vehicle has a transmission, they are known as the black holes of engines, as diagnosing transmission problems is pretty hard if you’re not a professional.

There are a few signs a car has transmission trouble, and this can include an unusual smell, sound, or feeling like the car is slipping when changing gears. These symptoms go unnoticed by most people unless they know their car well. Aside from a couple of signs, transmission problems typically go unnoticed until the damage is extensive.

Costly Repairs
Unfortunately, a transmission repair is one of the more expensive fixes a car needs. And unlike windshield cracks or even squeaky brakes, transmission problems can’t go untreated. In fact, most vehicles will stop dead in their tracks if transmission damage is extensive enough.

Because these repairs can be costly, it is important to find a mechanic you know you can trust. These repairs may cost hundreds or even thousands as it is, so it is vital you find a mechanic who won’t overcharge you or perform unnecessary fixes on your vehicle.

Know Where to Take Your Vehicle
If you plan ahead of time and find a trustworthy and affordable mechanic before your transmission goes out, you are better off. Do a little research and find a transmission repair  or complete auto care shop you can trust. Find a mechanic who is ASE certified and who has at least a few years of experience. That is the easiest way to have serious transmission troubles fixed in no time.